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....Sometimes in life...
...you just have to laugh...
The smallest things can break us... 
30th-Dec-2005 02:09 pm
Well Christmas pretty much sucked this year. Well, it didn't suck but it certainly wasn't magical and I spent most of my time crying instead of laughing and being merry. Basically, I got an adorable chihuahua puppy named Darla, but the problem is that we have two cats and neither my mom or I have time to dedicate to her. She's the sweetest thing and I love her to death but she is so much work and we can't really give her the life she deserves. She'd be locked up in my room all day or stuck in a play pen we bought her and thats no life for such a beautiful love. So we made the painful decision of calling back the seller and we need to go give her back tomorrow. I'm so sad and depressed... it's crazy how the smallest of things ( in this case a 1 lb pound puppy) can break us and break us hard. I know life will go on and I know she will have a good life but I love her so much and I'm so sad that it had to happen like this.

On top of that, school starts up in the next few days and I'm so pissed off and fucking fed up with school. School can kiss my ass. I'm so tired of spending my days doing shit I don't want to do...life is so short and you only get one...whats the point of sitting in a desk watching life pass you by? FUCK IT.

Oh and I'm not memorized yet with my script and I need to be by Tuesday.

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