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....Sometimes in life...
...you just have to laugh...
Holding on for dear life... 
10th-Nov-2005 10:20 am
Wow, so my life is going to be crazy this next week. I've got a TON of homework combined with a lot of projects and tests. Not to mention the play is going up this next week and we aren't nearly ready still. I'm so nervous because I memorized my lines but everytime we run thru scenes I just screw up all over the place.

Also theres the family issue. My mother just makes me feel horrible about myself. It makes me just wonder if I give anything good to the world or to her life. I know I'm not perfect but I can at least admit that I'm flawed... she won't ever admit that she is wrong. It makes me sad. Every single day we get into a fight and everytime I leave school I just think what it would be like to actually go back to a home that appriciated me or thought I was a good person. I know I sound whiny and shit but it's honestly how I feel and I'm just screaming inside hoping someone... somewhere... will finally hear me.
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