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....Sometimes in life...
...you just have to laugh...
3rd-Nov-2005 06:00 pm
I actually understood my chemistry homework tonight ♥ I wish I was in New York ♥ I truly believe that Sex and the City is the best show ever created ♥ I'm nervous because the show goes up in about 2 weeks and we aren't nearly ready ♥ After the play I'm going to dye my hair like Rachel's in The Notebook ♥ I need to lose some weight... I basically want to dwindle away... ♥ I NEED to go shopping. I have an addiction. ♥ I wish people could just point out the good things instead of the flaws... ♥ I wish there was no judgement in the world ♥ I wish that people you admired were actually attainable as a friend ( in my case it seems be impossible) ♥ I can't wait to see Rent and Pride and Prejudice ♥ I love apples ♥

Eeek. Sorry. I go through my phases of little random facts. Anyways I ate to much food today. I'm a fat ass. I seriously need to get a grip and just not eat so I can finally be perfect. Well good bye for now.
4th-Nov-2005 02:15 am (UTC)
I too wish that the people i admire were attainable as friends... Well the one person i admire...that would be heaven *sigh*.
And now im sad, starving self = Sadness. I know i dont know so i cant say anything but :(. THAT IS ALL :D
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