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....Sometimes in life...
...you just have to laugh...
School, Stress, and other GREAT things... 
29th-Oct-2005 08:55 am
School is seriously kicking me in the ass this year! It's insane! I barely have time to get anything done and have a life outside of school. On top of that I was cast in the play as the lead ( I'm very greatful but stress is starting to kick in because we go up in about 3 weeks and we have no set and are still scrambling to memorize all of our lines), and of course you gotta love all the family problems. I know I'm whining and complaining but I gotta vent somewhere... so yeahhh! On that note I must say I'm very stressed out at the moment. Other than that life is going just okay at the moment.. nothing special.... nothing horrible. Which is good in a way.

Halloween is coming up on Monday... I have exactly two days to hurry and put an outfit together. I'm aiming for Penny Lane in Almost Famous... sooooo yeah hopefully it will all work out. Okay well not much more to write at thee moment.

Ta Ta.
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